About The Impacters

The Impacters is a Collective. A brand new movement. We are a growing group of motivated professionals committed to create the positive impact for our clients. Together with our clients we form an effective, fun doing eco system to make successful impact.

Jeff van Dijk is the kick-starter of The Impacters. Working for many years in the lineair business of FMCG, he felt the urge to make a turn. He decided to sell his successful company and reset himself and the way of doing business. The Impacters is his idea of making a good effort in creating positive impact. 

All Impacters who participate in the Design Collective will be introduced in time. 

SDG’s, Vegan, Circular

We commit ourselves to the Sustainable Development Goals as formulated by the United Nations. Specifically we aim for positive impact at:

  1. Zero Hunger, less waste of good food
  2. Affordable and clean energy
  3. Responsible consumption and production
  4. Life below water
  5. Life in land


The Impacters love animals! And we simply love plants for their taste, variety and secret treasures! We like to call our vegan believes ‘Plant Based’. It is how we see a healthy environment in which we celebrate bio-diversity. 


The Impacters believe that building circular models and concepts is a necessity for our future. Creating a perfect circular loop is not an easy thing to achieve. Luckily one of our thrills in life is to succeed in hard-to-crack-cases. Design thinking is one of the key opportunities to create circular succes.