Let’s co-create 
Vegan & Circular Business!

We team up with Vegan and Circular driven brands, companies or organizations. Entrepreneurs who operate a business or starting one.

We invite you to participate in our studio. Literally. The Impacters offer you to join in on your own project and we will develop your project together. Transparant and open. We share our thoughts, our ideas and creativity. We decide together what is the best to do. 

You remain the boss. We will make you feel an Impacter.

Let’s eliminate the bullshit myth of financial growth without limits. We aim for sustainable impact. 

Integrated Design

Design is our homebase. Design thinking is our natural reflex. The Impacters offer independent professionals in all design disciplines. With the objective to build, boost and communicate your business. Practical if needed, groundbreaking where possible. 

Our Design Collective offer the lot: Impact analysis, Purpose finding, consultation for Business & Marketing planning, Brand analysis, Creative reviews of your visual identity, Field tours (trends, design, retail, catering), Jung based Brand Strategy, Creative concepting, Identity design & Branding, Packaging design (circular, structural, graphic), Webdesign, Storytelling, Trade Show design, Campaigning, Content Development for Social Media. 

Basically: we’ll get your shit together so you can focus on what you do best: being a devoted entrepreneur for the good!